Best Upright Freezers

Buying an upright freezer is a sensible option, particularly if you have got vast family members. Have more space or room for cool meals storage space.

Below are some of the popular household upright freezer brands and the features and functions you can expect to find. Choosing a freezer from a reputable brand helps ensure you get a reliable, durable appliance to last for years.

Most Cost Efficient

Kenmore Upright Freezers

Many Kenmore upright freezers offer you higher features of up to more than 20 cubic ft, that is enough room to store meals for a home of 8. Many Kenmore brands are Energy Star licensed that feature approximately yearly operating rate of $52 each year, or $2 .90 per cubic ft.
To more maximize energy efficiency. these types of freezers are frost-free and also characteristic automated defrost. This guarantees your meal stays in a secure climate, without freezer lose.
Power is not lost by an ice pack build up, causing your own freezer to continue to work hard to take care of a frequent high temperature.
Kenmore provides many freezer devices with variable shelving together with containers. Even storage bins to suit bigger appliances. There are racks set up in the door for quick access to items you have to get immediately. The variable shelving allows you customise the inner of a freezer to provide products of the dimensions.


A number of biggest factors when choosing an upright freezer are space or room, group and also all-around performance.

Frigidaire upright freezers provide room so that you can store iced pizzas, turkeys, desserts, vegetables and then iced meals. Many of Frigidaire’s bigger stand-up freezers provide common space for storing for massive family members of seven to ten persons, and in addition, they provide a number of handy strategies to arrange iced food items of various sizes and shapes.


Whirlpool is another popular brand. Their selection is smaller; however, most of these workhorses are Energy Star compliant and feature bright LED lighting for energy efficient convenience.

Upright freezers

Upright freezers are pricier compared to chest freezers, which we handle someplace else in this particular document, but they are additionally less demanding to use. They offer you much better use of your meal, and also the majority of do not need defrosting.

Among upright freezers, in our opinion the ideal ratings for the Energy Star-rated Frigidaire FFFH17F2QW ( Est . $700). It is the honestly hassle-free model without a number of highly developed bells and also whistles, but it really provides consistent, trustworthy frozen condition at a reliable cost.

At 16 .6 cubic ft, the Frigidaire FFFH17F2QW provides a good amount of space for storing for the majority of family members. One consumer reviews filling up it with fifty percent a pig, a quarter of a cow as well as a 20-pound turkey, in addition, a number of vegetables with fruit, with a lot of room in your home nevertheless left. This freezer is the best general choose from the industry experts at Researched, making an ideal 10-11 due to ten rating, including a bigger variety — the 20 cubic foot Frigidaire FFFH20F2QW ( Est . $800 ) — becomes Outstanding rankings from Buyer Search for temperatures overall performance and even energy effectiveness. Consumers make sure it freezes consistently and then reliably, which the entrance seals properly that you simply cannot open up it straight away once you shut it.

The Frigidaire FFFH17F2QW’s simple benefits contain an easy-to-see power-on sign at the lower front line in addition to a security with a pop-out key — a significant basic safety function when you have young children in the home. Consumers as well really like the frost-free operating, interior LED lights, modifiable shelving and also in-door storage space, even though they overlook getting a pull-out bin in the bottom part.

Lots of people declare they do not mind this freezer’s working sound, however, it is not the quietest product; if you decide you are extremely sensitive to sound, you might like to provide a house in the basement or even car garage. The Frigidaire FFFH17F2QW carries an approximately yearly operating rate of $52 or simply 431 kWh/ year, as well as a producer offer to maintain foods freezing more than 2 days in the event of an energy outage. It will be supported by a one-year extended warranty.

The 15 .7-cubic-foot Maytag MZF34X16DW ( Est . $600 ) additionally draws Superb evaluations for energy effectiveness from Buyer Declares, with Excellent rankings for it is high-temperature overall performance and then sound ranges. Customers similar to it is modifiable shelving, in-door storage space, inner LED lights and then fast-freeze setup, so they state that it operates calmly as much as necessary to possess a location in the kitchen area.

The Maytag MZF34X16DW additionally does indeed a great task of insulating in the event that the strength is out; just one consumer states anything in the freezer was even now freezing strong after a lot more than sixty hrs of absolutely no energy. But, it gets a couple of a great number of issues regarding immediate malfunctions — making customers with a freezer filled with thawed meals — to ensure it is into our best area. The add-on of a power-on sign lighting will assist stay away from this kind of problems, simply because customers have the ability to check if energy to the freezer immediately fails.

This Maytag freezer carries the approximately operating rate of $56 or simply 466 kWh/year along with a one-year restricted extended warranty. There is certainly a 10-year minimal components extended warranty on the compressor, however certain consumers statement issues having the approved warranty fulfilled and also doubtful customer support generally.

In the event that you are ready to spend a bit more on the top of the range capabilities, one product stands apart from the relaxation: The 20 .5-cubic-foot Kenmore Elite 27002 ( Est . $ 1, 200 ) is the preferred freezer at Buyer Records. It is additionally the best choice at Examined, in which author Mac Zahnzinger provides it with a rating of 9 .6, stating, “It’s costly, however, you obtain whatever you have taken care of .” It is moreover Energy-Star ranked and also quite economical for this kind of a big home appliance, with the approximately operating rate of $62 or possibly 484 kWh each year. The 27002 is white coloured; it is added is available in perfect as the Kenmore Elite 27003 ( Est . $ 1, 360 ) as well as black as the Kenmore Elite 27009 ( Est . $ 1, 120).

The Kenmore Elite 27002 includes a fit of capabilities that customers and also specialists really like , such as a computerized climate handle on the outside ( which means you do not need to open up the front door to verify or even change the temperature ) , an alert that allows you to understand in the event that there is an issue with the high temperature, in addition to a soft-freeze inner compartment in the front door . It may also keep a good deal: One consumer states these people were in a position to shop a whole cut-up bison with room in your home to spare. For those who have children in the home, the freezer carries each an actual physical safety lock on it including an electronic digital secure to have them from playing with the adjustments.

In light of that, we would do discover several quirks with the Kenmore Elite 27002 that maintain us from which makes it our good suggestion. A couple of customers complain that much more electronics usually means even more stuff that may go incorrect, mainly since the PC that handles the high-temperature alert additionally equipment the auto-defrost system — along with the freezer merely includes a one-year extended warranty. Support is furthermore a sore level, with certain people expressing they waited even more than one week for an expert to appear. Lastly, despite the fact that this freezer appearance great in the kitchen area, it may well find yourself banished to the car garage simply because the auto-defrost motor is loud along with the catch pan for the condenser occasionally overflows. Final, definitely not minimum, possibly due to some cost, right now there basically are not as much as necessary user feedbacks for all of us to obtain a great keep reading toughness as well as trustworthiness.

At the additional end of the budget, the Insignia NS-UZ21XWH7 ( Est . $800 ) is a good purchase for individuals who ought number of freezer space with limited funds. It is lacking in the levelling lower limbs, variable shelves and also child-safe locking that you would usually like in an upright freezer, however, it makes up for them by getting just a little taller as compared to your ordinary freezer, pack 21 cubic ft of space for storing into a standard fingerprint.

The Insignia NS-UZ21XWH7 attracts outstanding ratings for temp handle, energy effectiveness and also simplicity from Buyer News, and also customers state they similar to some inner surface lights and obtain seals on the entrance, which exits non-existent sometimes without a safety lock. But, mainly because it is short of a locking, this is absolutely not the ideal style for anyone with young children. This also possesses a great deep freeze set up.

This freezer is usually Wi-Fi totally compatible for keeping track of and also managing temperature range by means of a good home set up, and can certainly be changed between the fridge and also freezer method — a pleasant perk for anyone whose very cold and also refrigeration requirements modify seasonally. The expected yearly price for the Insignia NS-UZ21XWH7 is $59 or 492 kWh, and also it is supported by a one-year guarantee on elements and also works.

The ideal small upright freezer

In the event that you are looking for a small upright freezer, the 13 .8-cubic-foot Frigidaire FFFU14F2QW ( Est . $600 ) becomes excellent evaluations from specialists and also customers similar. Buyer Reviews provides it Superb rankings for the high-temperature handle and also energy efficient, and also consumers state there is added as much as necessary space or room inside to products a minimum of fifty % a cow and also fifty % a pig, or even keep lots of iced products ordered available for sale.

This freezer includes the similar simple benefits you will discover in our best-reviewed Frigidaire FFFH17F2QW: an easy-to-see power-on sign at the front part bottom part, a safety lock that instantly ejects the key, variable shelving and also an easy-to-operate outsides dial manage. Customers additionally similar to the shiny LED lights inside of the freezer as well as a lot of storage space room in your home in the door.

The mere downside is the fact that the Frigidaire FFFU14F2QW’s compressor motor is noisy enough that most people accept it ought to be saved in the basements or perhaps car garage, not placed in the kitchen area. The projected operating fee is $52 or even 436 kWh/ year.


A number of biggest factors when choosing an upright freezer are space or room, group and also all-around performance.

Frigidaire upright freezers provide room so that you can store iced pizzas, turkeys, desserts, vegetables and then iced meals. Many of Frigidaire’s bigger stand-up freezers provide common space for storing for massive family members of seven to ten persons, and in addition, they provide a number of handy strategies to arrange iced food items of various sizes and shapes.

What you really need to Understand

Picking the best Upright Freezer: What you really need to Understand

When looking for an upright freezer, focus on energy effectiveness and also storage space capability.

Economical Energy Utilization

Search for a freezer which is Energy-Star experienced and also offers a reduced projected annual operating rate. Power efficient freezers are more beneficial for your own wallet along with the surroundings. Certain will be more cost-efficient compared to other people, with denser warmth to trick chilly air. This identical efficiency keeps the protected high temperature of the food for a longer time in the event you get rid of energy.

Freezers with exterior handle and also energy or even indicator lighting additionally protect your power, simply because you are not starting the front door and also permitting cool air-driven break free of each time you verify the position or simply high temperature of the equipment.

Sufficient Storage space Capacity

Additionally, think about the number of meals you have to store regularly. A guideline to bear in mind is always to set aside 2 .5 cubic ft of freezer space for storing for every member of the family residing in your house. For a household of four, you will like a storage space volume for at least 16 cubic ft.

In the event you do not include big family members however you are planning to produce your trusty refrigerator’s current freezer area, a little upright freezer may still yet be your best choice. You will need as much as necessary spot to keep the Thanksgiving turkey, iced pizzas, veggies, ice cream. Turkeys and hams occupy a whole lot of room in your home simply because perform boxed food items and also packed meats.

In the event you develop your own personal refreshing manufacture , or perhaps you similar to a good deal and also on a regular basis hit the nearby farmer’s marketplace , an upright freezer with a big volume allows you to keep a great deal of periodic generate that you could then simply have during the take a rest of the season .

Outside Environment Controls

One more function you will like to seriously consider will be where the high-temperature handles are situated. Even though it is most familiar for the climate handles to be placed on the within your own freezer, a number of products include exterior handles that enable you to alter the high temperature without starting the front door.
What More is essential When You Choose an Upright Freezer?

No more are freezers the power hogs or even generation devices of ice-crystal palaces they were in the past. Yet apart from size as well as energy effectiveness, exactly what additional features help to make a specific design or even model of upright freezer best for you?

Below are some features to consider :

Design & Features

Flexible Storage Options

Look for a freezer that has plenty of shelves to amply hold your food. Adjustable shelving is an optimal design feature, like the SpaceWise shelving and baskets found in some Frigidaire uprights for example, because it allows you to change the storage configuration to suit your needs.

For those who simply can’t live without a constant supply of ice, look for a freezer with a built-in ice maker.

Adjustable Dividers

Adjustable dividers are also exceptionally useful if you need to separate or compartmentalize food items. Some freezers offer colour-coded baskets, bins or shelves, letting you easily separate and organize food types.

Power Indicator Light

Another useful feature for an upright freezer to have, though it is often overlooked, is a visible power indicator or a monitor or alert to warn you if the temperature range is unacceptable.

The worst thing that can happen to a freezer is to have a power outage that renders your freezer incapable of providing a continuous supply of cold air to your food.

A quick glance to see if your upright freezer’s power light is on can provide reassurance while an alarm can alert you to any potential problems.

Locking Door

Additionally, a locking door keeps your freezer securely shut, providing peace of mind for a few different reasons. One strong reason is if you have young children: You can rest assured they cannot access the freezer.

Another reassurance a lock provides is that it keeps others out of your food, plus it prevents someone from accidentally leaving the door ajar, releasing cold air and potentially spoiling your food.


An upright freezer also needs a bright light, preferably a long-lasting LED. Bright lighting makes it easy to find what you need, day or night.

Additionally, the best upright freezers automatically defrost themselves and are frost-free. These functions reduce or eliminate annoying frost buildup and liberate you from the chore of manually defrosting your freezer.

Reversible Door

Another factor that can influence your decision is which direction the freezer door swings open to – left or right. The best upright freezers have reversible doors, a feature that lets you or the installer place the hinges on either side of the door so that it opens to the desired direction. This allows you more flexibility with where you can place your freezer, and it makes it easier to access your food.

You may be limited by your home’s design or layout where you can install it, but if you want the best performance from your freezer, planning ahead can save you from a lot of frustration and disappointment later.

Warranty & Dimensions

A good upright freezer should be covered by a reliable warranty. The standard warranty length is one year, but many manufacturers offer extended warranty coverage for an additional cost.

Dimensions are key as to whether the upright freezer you choose will fit into the desired space. Upright freezers need at least an additional three inches of clearance on both sides and at least an inch behind for optimal airflow, so be sure to take that extra space into consideration when deciding where you want to put it.

Unlike your refrigerator, an upright freezer is not meant for regular household use. If you opened and shut your freezer door as much as your refrigerator, your freezer would be hard-pressed to maintain a consistent temperature. Fortunately, upright freezers fit nicely in your basement, garage or other places that are out of the way, allowing it to function continuously without constantly being opened.

Because freezers are often located in rooms that are not as insulated as your home’s interior, you should consider carefully where the best location is for your upright freezer. Ideally, you want to put it in a cool, dry place in your home.

If you decide to place your freezer in your garage, consider the fluctuation in temperatures it will experience during summer and winter months. Placing the freezer against a west-facing wall in your garage is not a good choice as heat from the sun will collect in the garage, forcing the freezer to work harder. This uses more energy and increases your power bill. Conversely, if outside temperatures dip below freezing during the winters where you live, this can be hard on the freezer’s internal parts and components.

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