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Xgody Gps Navigation 5 Inch For Car And Truck

Q: I need to pay fees for the map? How can I get it?
A: Please don’t worry, you don’t need to pay any fees, it is lifetime free, you just contact when you need the updated map, our customer service will help you.
Q: Could I download several countries map?
A: Yes, you could, usually, we will download a continent map of your country here, for example, if your country is France, we will download Europen map to you. If you need other continent maps, please leave a message to us. Thanks!
Q: How do I do it when my GPS shows low memory?
A: Please don’t worry, there are 2 suggestions for you, suggestion 1, you could delete some useless maps to get more memory, for example, you don’t need France map, you could find France map to delete it. Suggestion 2, you could buy a <=32GB SD card to increase its memory.
Q Why the battery life is so short?
A: Because device’s main power supply is from Car Charger plug into the Cigar Lighter, not from built battery. a device’s built battery just assistant the device normal working.
Note: you must use the original car charger, and then it will work. If you use other charger causing the product stop work, we do not bear any responsibility, please understand.
Q: how can I set the language?

A: there are 3 kinds of languages, menu language, map language voice, map language. please do it as photo show: